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Monthly Archives: January 2009

Makuluwa,Dela and the Mala..


Sculpture of death!, originally uploaded by aufidius.

taken at an art exhibition in Newcastle. It had such an eery deathly feel to it, a friend of mine who touched it had no peace of mind until he washed his hands.

Beautiful natural blossoms,
Pure delicate body,
You stand without trembling.
Little mist of fallen starlight,
Perfect, beyond my reach,
How I envy you.
For if you could only listen,
I would tell you something,
Something human.

An old man
Appeared to me once
In the unendurable snow.
He had a singe of white
Beard on his face.
He paused on a street in Minneapolis
And stroked my face.
Give it to me, he begged.
I’ll pay you anything.

I flinched. Both terrified,
We slunk away,
Each in his own way dodging
The cruel darts of the cold.

Beautiful natural blossoms,
How could you possibly
Worry or bother or care
About the ashamed, hopeless
Old man? He was so near death
He was willing to take
Any love he could get,
Even at the risk
Of some mocking policeman
Or some cute young wiseacre
Smashing his dentures,
Perhaps leading him on
To a dark place and there
Kicking him in his dead groin
Just for the fun of it.

Young tree, unburdened
By anything but your beautiful natural blossoms
And dew, the dark
Blood in my body drags me
Down with my brother.

James Wright

Take a nice one of me son…, originally uploaded by aufidius.

Old lady at a tea estate, Hatton Sri Lanka.

The light object that i designed for final exams/exhibition – Kaleidoscope 2007 at AOD, it was based on the compositions of Piet Mondrian, an artist who used primary colours and straight lines and squares in most of his works. Fully designed by me and got it constructed by someone i know. had to keep monitoring the guy painfully though,to make sure that it comes the way i wanted it to.stands 7ft tall and 3ft wide and deep.

Some of the Artists other works.

Sunset at Kantale, Trincomalee, originally uploaded by aufidius.

taken at Kantale, credit to my dad for taking this pic though,,thought i’ll put this up.

With up to 12,000 cremations a year carried outhere, it was necessary to provide an appropriate setting for mourners as well. The two functions – cremation and funeral ceremonies – take place on separate floors of this monolithic exposed concrete structure. Access to the building is via three recessed forecourts, which lead into the large central vestibule. This square hall can accommodate up to 1,000 people and is spatially articulated by 29 monumental circular columns with so-called “light capitals” at their heads. Supported only by cantilevered brackets at the tops of the columns, the rough concrete roof seems to hover over this space like a translucent canopy. The lines of the climbing formwork to the walls create an ordering structure.