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The light object that i designed for final exams/exhibition – Kaleidoscope 2007 at AOD, it was based on the compositions of Piet Mondrian, an artist who used primary colours and straight lines and squares in most of his works. Fully designed by me and got it constructed by someone i know. had to keep monitoring the guy painfully though,to make sure that it comes the way i wanted it to.stands 7ft tall and 3ft wide and deep.

Some of the Artists other works.



  1. What the hell is it? :S

  2. Damn.. I’m looking forward to Architecture school even more now. ;P Do you get to keep the stuff you design?

  3. Jerry – It is a light feature which we had to design, and the theme had to revolve around an artist/art movement of a certain period, and i chose “de stijl” which is the arrt movement Mondrian was part of.Makuluwo : You are obviously joking about the Architecture school thing arent u? 🙂 whats your area anyway ? yes you get to keep the stuff you design.. unless your work is exceptionally good and the tutors wasnt to show off “their” work 🙂

  4. Not joking at all! 😛 Planning on entering the school of architecture in September, haven’t even applied yet though.

  5. oh thats great, way to go girl!, by the school of Architecture you mean SLIA?.. nice to know the blogger/Architect’s are increasing 🙂

  6. hey…. amazing light object!!

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