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Monthly Archives: March 2009

The sky’s reflection seen in the water (parakrama samudraya)..parakrama samudraya is a tank built by king parakramabahu in the 11th century AD. Polonnaruwa,Sri Lanka


When privacy is invaded..On a jack fruit in my garden in Colombo.

I took this photograph ages ago, when i was still new to photography and flirting with an everyday point and shoot camera,(well i still use a point and shoot camera 😉 Simply love this space and the way the natural light inhabits it. This is the staircase that leads to my bedroom back at home in Colombo.

Just the other day i was reading Gaston Bachelard’s Poetics of Space
and i was feeling a wee bit nostalgic about this “corner” of mine at home.

Another picture of a flower. I am not a fan of flowers at all, neither do i feel errrm ,, i loathe to say this, but neither do i feel “emotionally attached” to flowers 🙂 but i like taking photographs of flowers with the macro option on, and the intricate details of flowers which arent exposed to the naked eye never cease to amaze me.

The monotonous consistency of endless submissions are very frustrating, a walk to the beach nearby can be very soothing indeed, albeit the chilly spring wind.This is a sillouette of myself at Whitley Bay, Newcastle upon Tyne.

Pligrims Way, Lindisfarne. Once the holiest site of Christendom in the British Isles.