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Sunrise at Whitle Bay, Newcastle upon Tyne. Also seen is the silhouette of the Priory.



  1. Oh WOW!

  2. Love the colours! The clouds kinda reminds me of the aurora! 😀

  3. pretty

  4. Fabulous!

  5. Sabby – Thanks,glad you like it.

    Chavie – Possibly the shape and the orientation makes it look such.

    Dee – Thanks Dee

    Kirigalpotha – Cheers mate.

  6. This picture is fabulous! I was staring at it for hours!

    Excellent stuff!


  7. Stunning. However, it isn’t Whitley Bay – because I live there. It is Tynemouth, and it’s not Northumberland (tag), it’s North Tyneside. Doesn’t change the fact it is a fabulous picture though.

  8. Thanks Me-shak

    Cheers Chris, yes I remember now, I walked from whitley bay to tyneside along the coastal stretch, it was all beach so probably got the names wrong. Thanks for the info!

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