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Last Friday was a rainy night in London. The Central line was not working so I had to take the Victoria line to a stop a bit further away from home and walk past an eerie cemetery. I thought that for some reason the usually dismal and happiness-sucking place was encapsulated in a positively nonchalant ambience accentuated by the way it was lit, mustering my courage to (brave the cold rain) I walked into the cemetery, sat on good ole James’ (d 1926) tombstone and took this photo of the church in the graveyard, the trees and the tombstones.



  1. What a magnificently creepy shot!

  2. Eerie yet beautiful! 😀

    What was the shutter speed?

  3. wow wow

  4. Oh wow, this is a great picture! Love the light over the church bell!
    Excellent stuff!


  5. Thanks Sabby.

    Chavie – thanks, i set it for ISO 80, wuite slow really.

    Cheers Dee.

    Thanks Me-shak.

  6. eerie but lovely picture!

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