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Coming home after work this evening I really wanted to take some photograph to go home and work on tonight, not that I don’t have other work piled up and so many books screaming to be read – but I had this vicious urge to capture something.

Walking by Shoreditch and Hoxton in London, I am privy to all kinds of graffiti art and occasional instances where vandalism has actually manifested itself rather intrinsically into some kind of befuddling piece of artwork. I have seen most of these pubs and graffiti walls day in and day out and they have become such a cliché that there is nothing alluring in them anymore – graffiti was not what I was looking for tonight.

But, walking by a pub I saw a man in a shirt walking up and down talking to his phone, he was far off and his shirt was nothing special – until I saw the obviously accidental colour coordination between his shirt and the wall nearby, he was walking nowhere near the wall and hence the significance I saw in this simple shirt was fast diminishing. Until he began to walk near it, I followed him in several directions at the possible risk of getting beaten up trying to get the best possibly shot and this is what it resulted in.



  1. love it!

  2. talk about a coincidence!
    and btw – i LOVE graffiti! i wish people would walk around defacing the walls artistically over here 🙂 🙂

  3. Good spot Auf. I also like the way that slope of his shoulder blends in with the line behind him on the wall.

  4. Cheers T!

    Coincidence indeed Black – Well here it is becoming a menace, if it hasn’t already – so they are creating public spaces to accommodate graffiti work, mostly in deprived neighbourhoods.

    Cheers RD, this was pure chance!

  5. That piece of “graffiti” really is art! 🙂 Beautiful shot!

  6. its SO good! Lucky to have shot this!!

  7. Thanks Scrumps and Dee!

  8. Great shot!

  9. Thank you!

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