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No, not our other drummer RD, although he does frequent this area and god knows if he stops to do the same when not very busy. Taken on the bridge that leads to the Royal Festival Hall, for some reason I can’t remember its name!

Have a great weekend!


The London Eye at night.

Oh, I finally started a facebook page for my photography. It is under my real name, toying with the idea of linking it in this blog – but still undecided. Those who know me are most welcome to look it up!

Enjoy the rest of the week!

Imagine a cat on Vodka! I would surely buy a cat that drinks! As promised here, here are the photographs of a cat on Vodka! Well, not really a cat, but a caterpillar – and that too the mechanical kind, not on Vodka either! But you’ll get the picture. These are the kind of cats, which I believe would be more in the type of what us boys would like.

And my personal favourite.

Taken from inside one of the capsules of the London eye.

Well not really – a picture of puppets and puppeteers. One of my favourite photos from Oxford, an image of puppets being sold in a wayside puppet cart. Ideally the word used for the people peering at me through the puppets would be puppet sellers or vendors, but I guess one can’t be a puppet vendor without being a puppeteer of some sort. Have a great week all!

Some of you may have seen this other post and the story behind it.

Well, I was cycling home from work this evening and just before I entered the park that I go through I I passed this woman walking alone a meandering pathway. Something about what she was wearing coincided with something in my head, disregarding the irritation of trying to decipher what was so congruent I cycled on.

And then when I passed these wheeler bins, my mind went ah! That’s what!

And then I waited for her for about three minutes to go past the bins and took this image. Like the other image, there is a striking resemblance between her attire and the backdrop she has been pictured against.

I am expecting repercussions any one of these days!

Coming home after work this evening I really wanted to take some photograph to go home and work on tonight, not that I don’t have other work piled up and so many books screaming to be read – but I had this vicious urge to capture something.

Walking by Shoreditch and Hoxton in London, I am privy to all kinds of graffiti art and occasional instances where vandalism has actually manifested itself rather intrinsically into some kind of befuddling piece of artwork. I have seen most of these pubs and graffiti walls day in and day out and they have become such a cliché that there is nothing alluring in them anymore – graffiti was not what I was looking for tonight.

But, walking by a pub I saw a man in a shirt walking up and down talking to his phone, he was far off and his shirt was nothing special – until I saw the obviously accidental colour coordination between his shirt and the wall nearby, he was walking nowhere near the wall and hence the significance I saw in this simple shirt was fast diminishing. Until he began to walk near it, I followed him in several directions at the possible risk of getting beaten up trying to get the best possibly shot and this is what it resulted in.

This is an average day to day gate that you would see. I pass this gate everyday on my way to work, being the main entrance to the studio of some Rock Band (I think), they do have some very interesting themes going on.

At the moment they have an innocent rabbit when seen from about 45 degrees from one side of the gate, and if you were to look at it from about 45 degrees from the other side of the gate, you would see an evil red nerved rabbit.

This image has been capture right in front of the gate, i.e standing parrallel to it, thus capturing the dual sides of the Rabbit.

Also in the background is the moving image of a pedestrian.

The theme of the gate changes periodically, and I hope to keep adding more images of this gate as they change.

At a friends house in Sri Lanka

The light object that i designed for final exams/exhibition – Kaleidoscope 2007 at AOD, it was based on the compositions of Piet Mondrian, an artist who used primary colours and straight lines and squares in most of his works. Fully designed by me and got it constructed by someone i know. had to keep monitoring the guy painfully though,to make sure that it comes the way i wanted it to.stands 7ft tall and 3ft wide and deep.

Some of the Artists other works.