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Monthly Archives: May 2009

Reflection, North side of Lindisfarne Castle.


Dambala,taken in Dambulla.

Lindisfarne Priory on Holy Island was one of the most important centres of early Christianity in Anglo-Saxon England. It is still a place of pilgrimage today, the dramatic approach across the causeway adding to the fascination of the site.

St Aidan founded the monastery in AD 635, but St Cuthbert, prior of Lindisfarne, is the most celebrated of the priory’s holy men.

Macro of a flower, Polonnaruwa.

Jewish Museum, Berlin.

Apparently planning how to steal the rest of the fish. Quite like this picture, with the reflection on the tiled floor at the verandah at home and teh sunlight streaming in.

moving tram in Berlin.

Panaromic image of the two hundred year old Lime Kilns, Lindisfarne.

Sillouette of a palm tree, Trincomalee.

I have been to Trincomalee close to ten times during the times when parts of trinco were under tiger control and after.

I dont know why but there is such a magical atmosphere attached to the place, may perhaps be the slighty different atmospheric conditions like low humidity levels and the landscape, palm trees clear horizons etc. Trinco always reminds me of of Paulo Coelho’s The Alchemist.